Broken Link Building: Finding and Reclaiming Links

broken link building

We are in the SEO’s ever-evolving landscape, due to which there is a need to stay ahead of the curve. So, you’ve to ensure that your website is thriving in this digital realm. Among the powerful techniques, the best one is to boost your authority and ranking of the site with broken link building. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re dipping your toes into the digital marketing world or just a seasoned SEO expert. Fortunately, with this blog, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge required for breathing new life into the SEO strategy. Keep reading to delve into the world of broken link building.

What does it mean when a link is broken?

Whenever a link is broken, it simply means that when a hyperlink gets clicked, it fails to lead to an intended web page or destination. In this case, it results in an error message, generally a “404 Not Found” error. Broken links can take place due to several reasons: 

1) URL Structure Changes

If your old URL fails to be accessible, then it might be due to the changes in the URL structure of your website.

2) Page Deletion or Removal

The linked page might have been removed or deleted from the web server, which makes your URL no longer valid.

3) Misspelled URLs

In case, there is a typographical error in your URL, then it can result in a broken link if you’ve not provided a correct URL.

4) Expired Content

The link can become broken if the linked resource or page has time-sensitive information and fails to be relevant. 

5) Migration Problems

During redesigns or migrations, links might not update properly, and thus, lead to broken links.

6) Server Errors

If there is a temporary server issue, then it can make your page temporarily unavailable. As a result, there will be a broken link until the problem gets resolved. 

What is a broken link building?

Broken link building is one of the strategic techniques that is used in SEO to improve the user experience and search rankings of the website. Generally, it comprises Identifying or finding dead or broken links on other websites that were meant to point to relevant content. When such broken links are located the SEO professionals or website owners reach out to the webmasters of the affected sites. They suggest replacing the broken links with functional links leading to their content. Typically, such content is related to or similar to the original one, which is now a broken link. Doing this will aid the other website in improving its user experience. Even they’ll gain valuable backlinks mainly to their site, which can boost their SEO efforts. 

This strategy is considered a win-win because it allows website owners to manage the link structure of their website. Also, provides valuable content to others while enhancing the authority of their site in search engine rankings. Careful research is a must to look for the relevant broken links and a perfect outreach strategy for persuading webmasters to replace such links with yours. By using effective link building, you can boost traffic, stronger online authority for a website, and improve SEO rankings.

Advantages of broken link building 

1) Natural Link Building

Generally, search engines favor organic and natural link-building practices. This is seen as an ethical and legitimate way of acquiring backlinks as it offers value to website users and owners.

2) Improved User Experience

By helping webmasters fix broken links, you can boost their website’s user experience. With this goodwill gesture, you can build a positive relationship with potential collaborations and other website owners in the future. 

3) Targeted Traffic

You can attract highly targeted traffic to the site by replacing broken links with relevant content. Such kind of traffic is more likely to engage with your content or turn into customers.

4) Competitive Advantage

Several websites aren’t interested in engaging in broken link building, and that’s why implementing it can give you a competitive edge in that particular industry by acquiring backlinks that your competitors might have failed to have.

Broken Link Building: Finding and Reclaiming Links | HorsepowerSEO

Broken link-building strategy

1) Content Creation and Optimization

Your link-building strategy should involve informative, engaging, and high-quality content on your website that can easily replace the broken or missing content on the target website. It would be better to keep your content comprehensive and up-to-date.

2) Target Relevant Niche Websites

Focus only on websites that are relevant to your industry or niche. Such kinds of websites have chances to link to your content in case it adds value to their audience.

3) Compile a Target List

You can create a list of websites that could benefit from your content and have broken links. Don’t forget to note down the particular pages and broken links on each site. 

4) Use Tools to Find Broken Links

It would be better to utilize browser extensions and online tools such as Broken Link Checker, Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, and Check My Links to identify broken links on the targeted websites. 

5) Provide Ready-to-Use HTML Code

Try to make it easy for the webmaster to implement the change. Provide the HTML code for the link with the suggested replacement content.

6) Follow-Up Emails

In case, you failed to receive a response to your initial outreach, then after a reasonable time just send a follow-up email.

7) Track Your Outreach

Use an outreach management tool or spreadsheet to keep track of your outreach responses, link placements, and efforts. 

8) Quality Assurance

When you convince a webmaster successfully to replace a broken link, then don’t forget to check periodically to ensure the link remains functional and active. 

9) Measure Results

Make sure to monitor the broken link building’s impact efforts on the SEO performance of your website. You can track changes in domain authority, keyword rankings, and organic traffic.

10) Build Relationships

Building positive relationships with site owners and webmasters can result in future link-building and collaboration opportunities.


Keep in mind that, broken link-building SEO is not just about number game. There is a need to build genuine connections and offer value to both the website you reach out to and your website. With time, such kind of strategies can aid you in earning high-quality backlinks and even improve the search engine rankings of your site.




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