What is HARO link building?

haro link building

In today’s world, there are so many ideas, stories, and voices which make it difficult to have your voice heard. However, there is a range of effective and useful ways can garner visibility for the blog, brand, and website. Let us introduce you to HARO Link building, which will surely aid you in rising above the rest.

It’s been many years since the SEO industry has been taken by HARO for link building. Do you also want to largely underutilize link-building tactics by adding to the SEO strategy? If yes, then HARO is the best solution, and this blog is perfect to make the usage of HARO for you.

What is haro link building?

HARO mainly stands for “Help a Reporter Out.” It is a kind of platform connecting bloggers and journalists along with expert sources for stories. HARO link building is a strategy in which your response to queries gets posted on HARO. It will provide valuable information or insights linked to your expertise. In case, your response gets selected, then you might receive a link back to the website. This will aid in improving the search engine rankings of your site and even boost its online visibility. 

Benefits of HARO

1) Quality Backlinks

With HARO, you get an opportunity for acquiring high-quality backlinks from well-reputed news publications and websites. Such backlinks are much useful for SEO. The reason is that search engines consider them as a confidence vote for the content of your website and improve the search rankings and domain authority. 

2) Enhanced Online Authority

If you get featured as an expert in reputable publications, then it can establish the authority of your website in your niche and industry. Due to this, people will respect and trust your recommendations and content, which will aid in building an engaged and loyal audience.

3) Networking Opportunities

You can expect valuable networking opportunities by engaging with reporters and journalists through HARO. When you establish connections with media professionals, then you might get a chance for future media mentions, interviews, and collaborations.

4) Diverse Content Creation

By responding to HARO queries, you can expect relevant and insightful information. Such a process will result in the creation of high-quality content for your blog or website. Also, you can repurpose your response into social media content, infographics, or blog posts, which will maximize the value of the efforts being made.

5) Cost-Effective PR Strategy

Among the cost-effective public relations (PR) strategies, HARO is one of them. In the case of traditional PR efforts, they might comprise hiring a PR agency, but with HARO, it can be accessible to anyone for free. If you have a startup or small business, then it will allow you to get media coverage without investing in a large budget.

6) Brand Exposure

With HARO link building, you can gain exposure to a wide range of audiences that might fail to discover your website otherwise. As a result, such exposure boosts the visibility and recognition of brands which will aid to reach new potential clients or customers.

7) Boost Web Traffic

Whenever any website gets featured in an article like a reliable source, then it attracts the audience attraction who are reading that publication. This kind of exposure can drive targeted traffic to the website and potentially boost conversions, sales, and leads. 

8) Positive SEO Signals

According to Google, backlinks from authoritative sources are the signal of positive SEO. When your content gets linked by reputable news websites, then it reinforced the value and relevance of your website. Thus, leading to higher rankings in terms of search engine results. 

What is HARO link building? | HorsepowerSEO

How does HARO work?

Below we have broken down the process of HARO working into several steps:

1) Sign-up and Profile Creation

First, there is a need to sign up as a journalist/blogger (reporter) or a source (expert). As a source, you’re required to create a profile highlighting the areas of knowledge, expertise, and topics on which you can provide insights.

2) Query Posting

On HARO, bloggers and journalists post queries seeking expert opinions and information on particular industries or topics. Such queries are crucial requests for sources contributing to their stories or articles. 

3) Source Responses

Once you turn into a registered source, you will daily receive emails comprising a list of queries that are relevant to your expertise. Now, you can review such queries and decide which fits perfectly for you to provide valuable insights.

4) Crafting a Response

After finding a query, it’s time to respond to it, but make sure the response must be crafted thoughtful, and relevant. Try to address the query of a reporter with accurate quotes, insights, and information demonstrating your expertise. 

5) Submission

You can take the help of the email provided by HARO to respond to the query. Also, you can follow the instructions given by the reporter. However, make sure that you include any relevant credentials like contact details to boost the chances of being selected.

6) Selection Process

Bloggers and journalists review the responses they receive and after that select the most suitable sources featured in their articles. If needed, then they might reach out to you for further clarification or information. 

7) Publication

Fortunately, if your response gets selected, then reporters will include your quotes or insights in their media publications like articles, blog posts, etc. Apart from your contribution, they might include a backlink to your social media profile or website as a credit for your input. 

8) Link Building and Exposure

The insights inclusion in media publications offers you a valuable backlink. Also, exposure to a range of audiences having an interest in your expertise. 


Never underestimate the power of HARO link building as it is one of the advantageous strategies to expand the audience, obtain high-quality backlinks, and establish the website as an authority in the field. But make sure that to maximize the benefits of this approach, there is a need to provide valuable insights, focus on relevant publications and maintain consistency.




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